Incident Response

Cyber Professional Services

Designed by industry-leading cybersecurity experts, Tailor Made’s incident response offers organisations rapid reactions against a cyber-attack.

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Why include Incident Response in your Cyber Security management?

Our award-winning team will help your organisation design and set up a thorough incident response plan, to minimise the disruption and damage to the business as a result of a cyber incident. Incident response delivers the highest impact on an organisation when deployed alongside a comprehensive cyber threat risk, or impact, assessment.

TMT helps with post-incident investigation by triaging an incident to ascertain what happened, by who, and from where. Understanding the experience in more detail helps to identify the full extent of the incident: what data was impacted, how much information was accessed or lost, and how many users were affected? TMT will also help your organisation report any breaches of personal identifiable information (“PII”) to the necessary authorities, including the ICO.