Empower your Workforce with Flexible Telephony

Save time and money while increasing team efficiency with cloud-based and on-premise telephony solutions — suitable for all business sizes and industry needs. ​

We carry a range of providers and products that support anything from small businesses and traders to large call centres.​

All telephone solutions are installed and managed with unlimited access to TMT’s Telecoms experts through our helpdesk.​

Telephony Solutions

Maximise business opportunities and enjoy seamless collaboration across your workforce through our innovative, affordable telephony platforms — no more unplanned downtime, missed calls or unexpected costs.

Whatever the size and scope of your business, we’ll work with you to assess and optimise your telephony infrastructure in line with your goals — and then help you manage it all in one place.

Minimise downtime, improve disaster recovery and back up business-critical data.

Enjoy on-demand cloud telephony with per-user billing — no hidden costs.

Facilitate seamless hotdesking, remote working and integration with mobile devices.

Access call handling and management features in one packaged solution.

Grow your business with our pay-per-licence cloud solutions and modular architecture.

Embrace data, voice and video across multiple devices — all working in unison.

Benefit from industry-leading SLAs with trusted maintenance and support contracts.

Gain insights into your telephony systems with automated call performance reports.

Centralise call handling, application management and DR for seamless user experiences.

Flexible options to suit your unique requirements

Cloud Telephony

Work from anywhere without sacrificing performance or productivity thanks to enhanced disaster recovery, superfast performance and advanced functionality.

On-Premise Telephony

Make the most of your telephony hardware and support your business development with modular on-prem architecture and flexible managed support contracts.

Contact Centre Solutions

Improve customer service, wait times and user satisfaction with access to advanced unified communication functions, suitable for the largest and busiest contact centres.

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