Have confidence in your school’s technology with tailored IT Support to suit all sizes and budgets

Discover flexible, time-saving solutions to suit your school.

Create an optimised educational environment, with uninterrupted operations, secure data management, and streamlined technology integration.


Meet and exceed the DfE’s digital standards by leveraging TMT’s suite of services for your school or college.

EduCare Essentials

Entry-level IT Support for education.

EduCare Advanced

Extend EduCare Essentials cover to include:

EduCare Dedicated

Includes EduCare advanced cover to include a dedicated engineer.

How EduCare helps

Save time and enhance teaching and learning outcomes with robust support services for education.

Proactive IT Support services that help optimise staff time and efforts, allowing them to concentrate on teaching and facilitating enhanced learning outcomes.

For organisations who:

  • Suffer from slow, problematic connectivity
  • Have greater dependency on cloud-based learning resources
  • Manage lots of IT devices

Full fibre with backup broadband connections, all supported with safeguarding and IT security in place, adhering to child and data protection legislation.

Delivering seamless connectivity for wired and wireless users, with centralised management and security features to safeguard against unauthorised access.

Using the latest Wi-Fi Alliance-approved kit and centralised management solutions to deliver connectivity coverage throughout all school buildings, to meet DfE recommendations.

Adhere to data protection legislation, with a managed cloud adoption. Ensuring data backup provisions surpass the DfE’s standards on effective data management.

Foster a secure and efficient technological environment for teaching and learning with TMT’s EduCare managed services.

Managed IT Support to help your educational organisation

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