Embrace new Digital Opportunities with Superfast Reliable Connectivity

Ensure your business is always online with reliable Connectivity that can scale easily to give your employees the bandwidth they need to succeed.​

Created in partnership, all Connectivity packages are specified in collaboration with your stakeholders to ensure solutions are optimised for your specific business requirements with scalability to support you as you grow.​

Business Internet

Meet your immediate and long-term connectivity needs with robust business internet solutions.​ Prevent downtime and empower your employees with superfast speeds and high availability. All TMT Connectivity solutions scale with you and include unlimited access to our in-house, UK-based helpdesk.​

Operate on independent networks that deliver speeds of up to 10 Gbps to meet your demands — even at peak times.​

Secure your business-critical systems with built-in firewalls and SD-WAN connections.​

Scale your connection rapidly to meet inbound and outbound requests on demand.​

Prioritise time-sensitive traffic, using QoS rules for your requirements.​

Enjoy a seamless experience with our fully managed approach to high-quality network infrastructure.

Choose from multiple backup options and ensure fast issue resolution with six-hour SLAs.​

Harness a scalable Business Internet solution


Supplies reliable internet connectivity directly to local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) devices via a wired control protocol using traditional copper lines.​

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

Provides high-quality fibre connections from the phone exchange to roadside cabinets and then to your premises via traditional copper lines.​

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

Covers the entire network distance using fibre optic cables to offer the fastest possible internet connectivity directly to your business.​

Multi-Site Connectivity

Scale your network rapidly to meet evolving business demands.​

Benefit from faster communications compared to using a limited VPN.​

Eliminate the need for expensive routers and configuration.​

Gain a single business-wide view and control of your sites.​

Deliver access from the cloud to specified facilities to eliminate local loop costs.​

Enjoy our teams’ managed services, including monitoring, fault detection and resolution.​

Share your data securely and efficiently between distributed teams and systems with a newly installed or upgraded internal business network solution. ​

Private networking solutions are delivered by TMT engineers to suit your business requirements and are fully supported by the rapid response helpdesk.

Discover a service that works for you


Enable instant bandwidth scaling to meet changing application and user demand using software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). This network technology ensures your business usage is efficient and puts you in control of your connectivity to support a more agile workforce.


Deliver high-quality, low-latency networking in a multi-site environment through managed multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). By connecting data circuits through a central cloud, your business-critical applications can gain better speed and flexibility.​

Mobile Connectivity

Enjoy out-of-the-box connectivity with TMT’s managed business mobile solutions. Our range of flexible Mobile Connectivity packages includes the latest handsets and 5G data solutions. ​Whether you only need a couple of devices or to support a large roaming sales team, our managed Mobile Connectivity solutions scale to suit your business requirements.​

Get great flexible deals on calls, texts and data using SIM-only tariffs from our range of telecom provider partners.​

Choose cutting-edge phones and plans to suit your employees with the help of our mobile experts.​

Take the stress out of hardware monitoring as we cost-effectively manage your mobile devices.​

Work seamlessly and securely on the go with our mobile broadband service.​

Manage individual and company-wide business mobile plans in one place for simplified control.​

Expand your mobile device fleet with tailorable helpdesk options to match your changing business requirements.​

Design a tailored Business Mobile Plan

Business Mobile Phone Tariffs

Tariffs to suit your users, all fully managed with flexibility from our multiple telecom partners. Choose from individual user plans or create shared plans to cover some or all of your users.

Business Mobile Phones

Utilise leading smartphones and rugged devices from the world’s leading brands — available at the best prices through our network provider partners.​

Device Management

Monitor and control your devices through our Mobile Device Manamgent (MDM) team, ensuring your users are always online and provided with the services they need.

Supercharge your Business Connectivity​

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