80% of all cyber breaches resulted in the loss of business-critical data

Rapid efficient response to a cyber breach is critical in minimising irreparable damage to your systems, data, and reputation.

With cyber criminals becoming increasingly adept at infecting multiple business-critical systems, targeting backups, and avoiding detection, SMEs need to be ready with their Incident Response.

SLA backed rapid response

Slow response, poor planning and under skilled response can cost your organisation time, money and your reputation.

Augment or create your Incident Response team

Whether you have internal resource that needs assistance or you require a complete cyber security solution, our SOC team can work to ensure your Incident Response is swift and comprehensive, limiting your organisation’s cyber risk.

Save your time and money

By responding quickly in an organised and efficient manner you limit the scope of a cyber breach, meaning the remediation, system recovery, and investigation work is limited, saving your organisation time and money.

How we help:

The TMT SOC team are on-hand to provide SLA backed Incident Response giving your organisation peace of mind and cyber protection. In the event of a cyber breach our team will work to:

  • Identify the threat actors
  • Prevent the criminal infecting more data or systems
  • Remove their access from your infrastructure
  • Assist with compliance reporting of the breach
  • Investigation of the breached entry point
  • Advise on further protection to lower risk of repeat breaches

About our SOC team:

Going significantly further than a standard MSP, our in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC) includes highly trained and specialist security engineers. By working collaboratively with clients, the team has a deep and deliberate understanding of customers’ strategic goals, working hard to limit cyber risk and eliminate security threats.

Get started with the Incident Response Assessment:

Ensure you have a plan should the worst happen and your organisation suffer a successful cyber attack. Limit your financial and reputational risks with a clearly defined IR plan.

Unsure of your role in a response to a cyber breach? Let us help.

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