Proactively reduce your Cyber Risk

Don’t wait for a breach, near-miss or compliance requirement to impact your operations — act now.

Leverage point-in-time reviews/audits, remediation and cyber strategy from TMT’s in-house security operations centre (SOC) to secure and defend your infrastructure.

Uncover your Vulnerabilities and how to Improve

Get a detailed analysis of your cyber defences through GAP assessments and a clear roadmap for improving compliance, evolving security and remediating vulnerabilities.

Reduce Risk through improved Technical Controls

Secure systems in ways proposed in the GAP assessment’s roadmap at a speed and budget that suits your risk appetite — whether TMT is working as your cyber team or augmenting internal staff.

Ongoing Audits and Cyber Strategy

Harness continual assessments, system monitoring and understanding of new cyber threats to produce a reactive strategy and implementation plan for keeping your cyber defences up-to-date and your data secure.

Discover vulnerabilities before criminals do to keep your networks and data safe.​

Identify system weaknesses and measure improvements through audits, assessments and tests.​

Ensure teams can work uninterrupted using protected business-critical systems.​

Avoid costly data breaches and compliance fines with a secure IT environment.​

Enhance and protect your reputation with customers, employees, stakeholders and partners.​

Reduce the cost of cyber security insurance premiums by following industry best practices.​

Security Assessments and Penetration Tests​

Throughout our partnership, TMT offers an extensive range of point-in-time audits that form the basis for us to remediate issues and decrease your business risk.

Empower employees to deal with modern-day phishing attacks through regular phishing awareness testing and training — using an education-first approach to reduce the risk from the prevalent threat.

Review the company information available for purchase on the dark web, including personally identifiable information (PII) and leaked credentials that’ve been stolen and cannot be controlled.

Manage infrastructure audits, certification guidance and required remediations for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS with TMT as the awarding body.

Test the security controls of your systems, networks and infrastructure through a penetration test to safeguard against external threats.

Ensure your teams/provider have a comprehensive Incident Response plan that is easily available to all responders in the event of a breach.

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Scour for potential threats inside your internal and external networks with our managed vulnerability scanning solution.

Gain a detailed analysis of your cyber defences through GAP assessments that align with industry standards (CE, NCSC, ISO 27001, CIS, NIST) and a clear roadmap for improving compliance, evolving security and remediating vulnerabilities.

Establish whether attackers can compromise assets like customer or financial data within your business-critical systems.

Conduct automated and manual penetration tests to assess the security of specific applications and/or code structures.

Identify vulnerabilities in business applications accessed via standard web interfaces, whether internally or externally.

Highlight gaps such as unsecured encryption protocols, misconfigurations and weak access controls in your Wi-Fi networks.

Check the configuration of your firewall devices to identify weaknesses or incorrect and sub-optimal setups.

Breached Incident Response Service

The team can work to rapidly pinpoint any exfiltration of data. Ensuring that the organisation’s response is targeting the malicious actors and accurate in reporting to regulatory bodies such as the ICO.
Our in-house SOC team work rapidly to wrestle back control of data, systems and applications from attackers.
Swift recognition of the entry point for the breach allows your organisation to resecure the perimeter quickly and efficiently to prevent an immediate follow up attack.
Scanning for suspicious activity across the IT estate prevents an attacker from hiding within a data or system, only to reappear when the Incident Response has been errantly marked as ‘completed’.
Comms to internal staff, suppliers and the authorities are critical to ensure that attackers are unable to leverage your systems and processes attack other systems or organisations.

Have you been breached?

Attacks are now rarely a case of stealing data and leaving, if your defences have failed then it is likely that the malicious actors reside within your systems.

As a result, isolating, removing, and resecuring an organisation’s systems as swiftly as possible is critical to limiting the damage caused. Our in-house SOC team are deployed to breached organisations to gain an understanding of the situation, regain control, resecure the environment and advise on reporting for compliance.

Arrange a comprehensive Assessment of your Cyber Defences

Get in touch with our cyber security team to book a consultation and get started today.