Secure your Business-Critical Systems and Services​

2.4 million SMEs are targeted by fraudsters with ¼ of businesses failing victim to them, costing a collective £18.9 billion annually (according to the Federation of Small Businesses). Implementing robust cyber security frameworks is required to protect your bottom line, reputation and avoid regulatory fines.


Take a proactive step toward defending your business-critical systems from modern cyber security attack vectors with our CyberCARE packages — delivered by our in-house security operations centre (SOC).


An entry-level package, providing reliable protection against the most common cyber security issues within your IT estate. Providing advanced reliable protection against the most common cyber security issues within your IT estate.


A proactive defence and remediation package that expands CyberSTART cover with protection against a wider range of cyber security threats.


A comprehensive package offering real-time, AI-powered intelligent analytics and monitoring with CyberPRO features for advanced protection against cyber attacks.

Optional add-ons

Regularly scour for potential threats inside your internal and external network with our managed vulnerability scanning solution.​

Harness AI-powered UEBA technology to generate a baseline of activity that can be used to highlight unusual behaviour within your security systems.

Keep your business-critical IT infrastructure secure and prevent breaches by patching bugs and vulnerabilities in third-party applications and software.

Managed Incident Response Service

Reduce the risk of breaches affecting customers, suppliers, and other business-critical systems with a rapid response team ready to assist.
Avoid emergency call-out fees and minimise the cost of a cyber incident by limiting the damage a breach causes.
Have an incident response plan implemented in line with NCSC and ISO 27001 frameworks.

Gain assistance in reporting breaches of sensitive data within 72 hours to potentially limit financial penalties.

Our in-house SOC team work with you to conduct a comprehensive root cause analysis, working to improve your security posture.

Between July and September 2022, around 70 percent of organisations encountering human-operated ransomware had fewer than 500 employees. If your SME is breached are you able to respond?

AD-hoc incident response is time-consuming to set up and costly, leaving organisations compromised for longer. Our SLA-backed Managed Incident Response Service delivers an ongoing commitment to rapid response and containment of compromised systems.

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