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Interview report paper with Alison Lee, Managing Director, Biscoes Solicitors

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Arguably the fundamental requirement of effective IT, delivering improved efficiency, productivity, and service delivery, and for the customer to have the best possible engagement with an organisation, hasn’t changed.


But delivering the answer couldn’t be more complex. In an age of constant digital change, have businesses the time and competence to stay on top of IT? The implications are increased vulnerability, as well as an impact on effectiveness, remaining competitive, achieving sustainability, in addition to an increased difficulty in being on the same wavelength as their customers.


In a series of interviews for a report commissioned by Tailor Made Technologies, directors and managing partners talk about IT as a strategic tool, at the very heart of the development and delivery of the culture of their business.


Leading up to publication, the latest thought-provoking interview to be included in the report is available to download here (click on the image above to download PDF copy). In this report; Alison Lee, Managing Director of Biscoes Solicitors, a well-established law firm, based around Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, is asked her views on the subject of mission-critical IT.


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The first in a series of Mission Critical IT interview papers commissioned by Tailor Made Technologies

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Mission Critical IT - Making Businesses Thrive Biscoes Solicitors and Tailor Made Technologies



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