How SD-WAN Can Boost Your Business Performance

Software Defined Network (SDN) prioritises automation, enabling faster service delivery and improved in-life management. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions are built upon these foundations, providing even greater visibility and control – all the way to individual users and applications.

This article will explore how can SD-WAN solutions can benefit a business and what SD-WAN enables businesses to achieve.

So, what is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is an acronym for a Software Defined Wide Area Network. SD-WAN combines MPLS, broadband, and other legacy networking interfaces, as well as wireless 4G/LTE, to connect enterprise sites around the country and give complete visibility and control of the overlay network.

SD-WAN is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections (Broadband, Ethernet, 4/5G) which are used to connect networks, such as branch offices, headquarters, cloud platforms and even data centers, often over large geographic distances.

While most businesses would benefit from SD-WAN solutions, there are a few sectors which would make the most of the service.

Finance and Banking – Where latency and network performance directly equates to customer experience and revenue made in trading, SD-WAN technology optimises connectivity, to ensure it is always sent over the fastest route. It also allows for the prioritisation of trading or customer traffic over all else.

Global businesses – Where a single global supplier is not possible, you can use SD-WAN to deliver the benefits of a single, private network.

Multi-site Retail and Hospitality – Where budgets are tight, Customers can buy the most cost-effective connectivity for a particular location and use SD-WAN technology to deliver the single network overlay, as well as controlling and safeguarding customer WiFi.

Highly sensitive data – Enhanced security is an integral part of an SD-WAN solution, so for highly sensitive industries, like Pharma, Software and Finance this can be key.

How can SD-WAN benefit you?

Research shows that the top three connectivity challenges businesses face are: network failure, increased network complexity and security (for both office and remote workers). In order to combat these issues, organisations require a 360-connectivity solution to provide reliable and secure IT services to their employees.

Your network should be able to outperform the business it underpins, not hold it back by being fault ridden, inflexible and unintelligent. Infrastructure that can react and adapt gives your business the flexibility to respond to changing markets and opportunities as they arise.

SD-WAN delivers complete visibility and control of network traffic, so you can ensure that business-critical data is prioritised for top performance.

  • Visibility and control of your network in real-time

With 24/7 visibility of your network you can easily evaluate how your system is being used and who by. You’ll have real-time visibility of network traffic down to the application level, meaning you can easily report and evaluate your infrastructure before making changes.

  • Flexibility to add / change bandwidth in near real-time

For many businesses it is not feasible to commit to long-term, fixed contracts. There is no need to over or underestimate your requirements with SD-WAN technology as you will have full control over your network. You can adjust your system as you need, ensuring you never pay for what you don’t need and always have the service you require.

  • Drive productivity by controlling different types of traffic

With the ability to control traffic routing, application performance and security via an easy-to-use interface you can improve your workforces productivity and overall business performance.

Ultimately, SD-WAN solutions can offer a comprehensive level of connectivity for your business to enable you to provide the best service possible. If you are looking for improved business continuity and real-time oversight of your IT infrastructure, SD-WAN will benefit you.

Learn more about SD-WAN!

All Tailor Made fibre solutions can be SD-WAN ready, using routers that are also capable of bring SD-WAN controllers. So, we can deliver a fully managed SD- WAN solution as part of a migration of your connectivity services. Or, you can upgrade to SD-WAN at any time, when it is right for your business, safe in the knowledge that you already have the CPE in place.

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