House sales halted by security breach

Following a recent cyber-security breach to a property organisation, thousands of buyers and conveyancing transactions are in limbo.

A Leicestershire based company were left unable to access their systems following a “security incident”, meaning multiple property purchases were put on hold. The problems caused by the breach left some movers stuck on completion day, unable to move into their new homes. The breach meant that customers were totally unable to get through to the company and had no timeframe given for a resolution.

The breach meant that staff were unable to access their systems and emails, leaving no communications channels to customers, resulting in the delay of purchase completions. The incident was reported to the appropriate authorities, and they have been taking steps alongside their cyber security specialists to resolve the issue and contact partners and clients.

Their security partner has been working hard to bring systems back online. After the breach they were able to rectify some of the crucial systems, meaning payments and transactions could safely continue. Security experts are still investigating the breach and rectifying any vulnerabilities.

This breach is an example of the implications of running your business on vulnerable systems. Estate agents have extensive personal records on file for clients, partners, and staff, all of which are at risk if systems are not sufficiently protected.

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