AI will unleash potential across SMEs however it will also cause unintended issues for the unprepared

It has the potential to revolutionise business processes, deliver efficiencies and increase productivity for SMEs. However widespread adoption opens a range of previously unseen risks with AI behaviour and learning that will expose poorly prepared organisations.

What can Copilot do for your organisation?

As the Microsoft AI assistant, it will live within the Microsoft 365 suite of services, delivering efficiency and productivity improvements to organisations that implement secure and compliant adoption. Including:

Enhance use of the M365 suite

Leverage the assistant’s comprehensive knowledge with innovative suggestions of how to solve your team’s challenges

Save time

Copilot will be able to save time by reducing the need for manual processing, from summarising meeting notes, creating plans and suggesting appropriate email responses

Improve employee performance

With AI assistance, enhancing employees key skills, providing comprehensive training and upskilling as well as removing tasks from their to-do-lists with AI suggestions and automation

Prepare for secure and compliant Copilot adoption, to avoid:

Including passports, passwords, and contracts that have been erroneously saved in inappropriate locations.

Stored in old product data sheets and sales documentation being suggested by the AI assistant

Through Copilot presenting competitor research as your organisation’s content

Through poor user prompting confusing Copilot into suggesting cost prices as sales pricing, the wrong customer’s information, or presenting the wrong HR file.

Through inappropriate use of colloquial language, presenting the wrong product lines, or not following the latest processes/workflows.

The Agenda:

Working in close collaboration with your key stakeholders the TMT tech consultants will

  1. Understand the strategic business case for AI adoption
  2. Engage your end-user to understand existing workflows and opportunities
  3. Define what Copilot can achieve for your organisation
  4. Technically assess your organisation’s readiness for AI
  5. Deliver the Copilot Readiness Roadmap

You will learn:

Presented by TMT to your key stakeholders at the end of the assessment, the report will:

  • Establish your organisation’s needs and use cases for Copilot
  • Audit your existing data/information governance policies
  • Create a strategic roadmap to prepare your organisation for AI adoption
  • Recommendations for the most appropriate Copilot licensing model

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