Empowering students and staff with modern IT to learn and teach

As the world becomes increasingly digital, outdated and overcomplicated software and hardware are more than a nuisance; they can lead to ongoing performance issues and cause disruption across the board.

That’s what our work with Brookfield Community School was all about, providing simple solutions that would help address short-term frustrations whilst making a lasting difference to organisation and productivity.


Brookfield Community School



The Challenge

Before Brookfield approached us for a solution, its IT infrastructure had been declining for some time.

The school’s aging hardware and systems were no longer fit for purpose and were creating major issues across the school — affecting both the pupils’ ability to learn and the staff’s ability to work.

To make matters worse, the school’s entire internal IT team moved on at the same time, leaving critical systems in a state of disarray. At this point, the Brookfield team decided to take control of the situation and enlist the support of our technology experts.

The Solution

Our team carried out a complete transformation of Brookfield’s IT estate — beginning with taking swift measures to bring connectivity and cyber security up to standard.

Backup systems and an effective disaster recovery strategy were put in place to ensure the school’s systems could bounce back from any unexpected failures. Secondary internet lines were also installed to provide a failover option if the primary connection went down.

Replacing hardware was the most significant part of this project, ensuring staff, and students would have all the equipment and capabilities they would need for the foreseeable future.

We deployed a team of expert IT engineers to carry out this complicated task, providing support to the IT department and making sure all solutions were installed correctly.

The Outcome

Through painstaking work by our outsourced engineers in partnership with Brookfield’s internal IT staff, we successfully restored the school’s trust in its technology offering.

Brookfield Community School now benefits from a fully functional IT system with a high level of connectivity through a dramatic increase in wireless strength across the site, allowing users to access the internet and network with ease.

We also provided greater peace of mind for staff, students and parents by providing robust cyber security measures that protect against hacking attempts, which could lead to possible data breaches and operational disruption.

Many thanks for all your hard work on the strategic review and implementation of Brookfield’s new IT infrastructure. Both I and the school governors, are full of praise for the comprehensive and detailed approach you’ve taken. We are grateful for the collaborative, partnership-focused way the TMT continues to work with our stakeholders. We would recommend TMT to any Education organisation requiring managed IT services.

Stuart Parkes – Headteacher at Brookfield Community School