Cloud Telephony

Enhanced disaster recovery, super-fast performance, and advanced functionality are all attributes of our “never miss a call” and “work anywhere” cloud telephony solutions.

TMT empowers your workforce to seamlessly and immediately transition to any working environment regardless of business climate or office location. TMT provides a range of cloud telephony solutions in partnership with leading vendors such as NEC, and LG Ericsson.

Unlike traditional on-premise fixed telephony, cloud-based phone systems route calls through the internet to reach pre-configured handsets or mobile devices, meaning your team can work anywhere with an internet connection, with no impact on day-to-day operations and productivity. This makes it ideal for hot-desking, remote working, and disaster recovery situations.


    MS Teams

    Microsoft Teams

    The leading communications and collaboration platform from Microsoft, which was the fastest-growing Microsoft application in 2020. Teams was widely adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic as it is ideal for remote working.

    TMT has successfully implemented Microsoft Teams for many organisations across multiple industries and sectors. Microsoft Teams is an application that allows your workforce to communicate, collaborate, call, or chat, all in one place. With the adoption of homeworking, Teams will allow your employees to retain a constant line of communication to keep projects moving, even when they are not in the office and across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

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