Penetration Testing

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The TMT range of penetration tests helps you understand and baseline your organisation against the current threat landscape.

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Why include TMT Penetration Testing within your cyber security management?

The cyber threat landscape is always adapting and changing to the latest methods of compromising data, so your cyber defences need to work hard to keep your organisation secure.

Penetration tests are not just designed for protection against direct attacks, they are also the foundation of an effective risk management strategy. Penetration tests aim to improve the overall security and ensure control of systems, network, and infrastructure. Regular penetration testing is a constructive method of managing vulnerabilities and ensuring your infrastructure is safeguarded against hackers.

Penetration testing is also a requirement of many security standards, such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. Therefore, if you are regulated or accredited in these areas, penetration testing is a non-negotiable business fundamental. Organisations adopting penetration testing can build a useful cyber threat protection package by embracing services such as SIEM (Security Incident Event Management).