What Happens When the Cloud Goes Down?

Most of us rely on the cloud on a daily basis. From our emails to our photo storage, from our auto-fill details to music – the cloud is everywhere. Public cloud environments are generally what individuals use, as well as a vast majority of businesses.


Most Public Cloud leaders will guarantee at least 99% uptime on their services, with 24/7 access to your data. But what happens when that percentage of downtime creeps up? Did you know a 99% uptime SLA means your applications can be down for 3 days and 15hours a year? That’s almost 15 minutes per day of down time. You could face a server outage or manual updates that are required, but it’s still likely to have a significant impact.


This month those using the Apple iCloud may have experienced this ‘downtime’ when they received error codes while trying to sign into their mail or web applications. This Apple output error asked individuals to verify accounts or simply stated the account didn’t exist at all.


While this may be momentarily worrying, especially with the uplift in cyber-security threats, cloud issues are often resolved very quickly. One of the cloud benefits is that there are usually many back-up servers to ensure people using the service are not impacted, or the impact is minimal. With technology giants such as Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft leading in Public Cloud environments, there is a significant investment in development and maintenance, meaning their experts will be aware of issues almost instantaneously.


Fortunately, most of our personal cloud data storage will be running smoothly nearly all the time. But have you considered how an outage could impact your business? If you have business-crucial data that is essential for the running of your business, we can help you find the best cloud solution to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today on enquiries@tmtech.co.uk.

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