TMT’s Upcoming Cyber Security Seminars

Cyber security has never been more important.

While it may seem extreme to be pre-empting cyber threats the risk is very real and the impacts are vast. Over 70% of business leaders in the SME market have claimed they are concerned about their business being impacted by cybercrime and over 65% of medium businesses have admitted to a breach in the past year.

The protection of an organisation’s data is a complex, ever-changing and increasingly critical issue. Intellectual property and client data require the most robust levels of security from theft or attack, from both outside and inside the corporate network.

With more than half of UK businesses reporting an attack in 2019 and companies reporting a 20% reduction in revenue following a breach, it is critical to act now to fight cybercrime. TMT has hand-selected the most advanced cutting-edge technologies, that work in harmony to educate your employees, continually assess for cybersecurity risks, and protect your organisation against cybercrime to give you one holistic overview of how your business is managing cyber threats. The TMT managed cybersecurity service is available through a suite of different packages, according to the size and needs of your organisation.

In order to address the security issues facing the legal and financial sectors we have arranged two events in Hampshire specifically for those sectors.

If you’re interested in learning more about the cyber threats your business is facing, and solutions you can easily implement, head over to the following pages to register your interest for the event. One of our expert team will be in touch soon to confirm your booking.