How Can You Run A Business from The Cloud?

Working from within a cloud environment gives your organisation clear benefits, irrespective of your industry, sector, size, or location. It is essential to understand the benefits of the cloud and how harnessing cloud infrastructure will empower your organisation to achieve security, scalability, and redundancy for if anything was to go wrong.

The first step when looking at whether your organisation can operate effectively from the cloud is first to understand what it is.

‘The Cloud’ is a series of hyper-redundant servers that are accessed over the internet. The software and databases that run on these servers are what you use every day. For example, Employees may log into the Cloud and see their Windows 10 desktop, where others may see your company CRM if you self-host this. The Cloud simply offers you a secure, high-uptime environment to store your corporate applications that employees can access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a secure connection method (VPN). By using the power of the Cloud, you enable your business to be more agile and flexible. If you keep your data and documents stored on local PC’s and hard drives in your office, what happens if a PC gets damaged, or it breaks completely? You will lose all of the data on that machine.

Not all applications are best suited for the cloud, but operational documentation and files are prime candidates for being migrated to the cloud as employees will be able to log in on any device and access these documents wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection.

How will cloud solutions benefit your business?

With the 2020 global pandemic, homeworking has become a way of life for the foreseeable future and implementing a cloud environment will significantly improve the effectiveness of this.

Access your data on any device – you can log into the Cloud on any device and access your data as you would in the office. Perfect for home/remote working.

Easily backed up – your files are safe and backed up in the Cloud, even if any physical hardware fails. Teams can collaborate as if they were together in the office – if multiple people are working on the same file, data is automatically synced between all devices, ensuring people are always using the most up to date version of files.

Cost-effective – the Cloud will save your business time and money. It boosts productivity and improves collaboration. Cloud-based services are much cheaper to use as they are often deployed on a pay-per-use basis.

Scalability and performance – your cloud environment can be scaled up or down to grow or decrease with your business needs.

Automatic software updates – Managed Cloud services regularly update their systems to ensure the latest IT requirements are met, meaning you will always be on the most up to date system.

Enhanced security – With the infrastructure and software managed by IT professionals, security patches and critical software updates to server operating systems are done regularly and in line with best practices.

As you can see, there are many benefits to be had from using the cloud and it is clear to see that you can run a business using cloud soltions. By utilising cloud infrastructure, you will see vast improvements in many areas from productivity to collaboration.

To see if your business can move to the Cloud and how you can best achieve this, get in touch today by emailing and one of our Cloud experts will be in touch.

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