Cyber Security Bulletin – July 2022

TMT Cyber Bulletin July 2022

Here are our top cyber security news items and information for your attention. These bulletin articles have been specially selected by our in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC) team.

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1. The Works forced to close some stores after cyber-attack

The Works forced to close some stores after cyber-attack

The Works, a retail shop that offers discounted books, crafts, and toys suffered a cyber attack forcing the closure of multiple retail stores due to an attack affecting critical infrastructure.

The attack caused disruption to the operations of the company and The Works took precautions by suspending internal and external access to their computer systems, including emails while an external security team investigated the attack.

The attack did not affect any of the card payment systems and The Works has ensured customers can still safely shop within their stores.

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2. Emma Sleep Company admits checkout cyber attack

Emma sleep company admits checkout cyber attack

Emma Sleep Company has confirmed they have been a victim of a cyber attack whereby malicious actors were successful in gaining customer information but more importantly credit card/debit card information theft, also known as digital burglary.

This was the same type of attack used to expose 40 million British Airways customers’ data where a fine was issued of £20m by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Customers were notified of the breach of information in 12 different countries.




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3. UK councils and hospitals at risk of cyber hackers, ITV News reveals

UK councils and hospitals at risk of cyber hackers, ITV News reveals

An investigation conducted by ITV highlights potential issues within the public services that run the country on a daily basis.
The issue revolves around the different budgets different councils are allocating to cyber security. One council has a budget of £32,000 whereas another council, with a smaller population, has allocated near on 30 times more.

The investigation highlighted different areas of the knock-on effect of a cyber attack on a council, such as residents being forced to leave their homes, overcharged tax bills and many more.

This also has the same narrative for local hospitals, the difference in the annual cyber budget and either being spent ineffectively or grossly underestimated.

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4. KP Snacks hit by ransomware attack with retailers warned of crisps and nuts shortage

KP Snacks hit by ransomware attack with retailers warned of crisps and nuts shortage

KP Snacks, the popular British company that includes Skips, Nik Naks, Hula Hoops, McCoy’s crisp, as well as many other popular brands has been the victim of a ransomware attack.

The attackers have threatened to release the data stolen from the company’s IT systems unless a payment is made. NCSC’s advice is to not pay the ransom “Even if you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that you will get access to your computer, or your files”

The attack has caused the company to reach out to its local shops to inform them that they cannot safely process orders or dispatch any goods.

Wholesaler Nisa has mentioned that KP Snacks have limited the size of the orders being placed due to the attack, so KP Snacks can manage what stock they have.

KP Snacks initiated their cyber security response plan as soon as they were aware of the incident which involved engaging with their internal IT team and liaising with a third-party forensic information technology firm.

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