Cyber-Attacks Have Risen By 30% In 2020

What Can You Do to Keep Your Business Safe?

During 2020, there has been a considerable amount of reporting on the increase in cyber-crime. Some specialists believe that the current pandemic, the rise in home-working, and the lack of security may have created the perfect ground for hackers. New research shows that cyber-attacks on UK businesses have shockingly increased by nearly a third in the first few months of the year, compared to 2019.


Most of these business attacks were breaching databases and file-sharing systems, with companies being attacked, on average, more than once a minute. This is a severe threat. In the past few years, companies such as eBay, LinkedIn, and Yahoo have had data breached, showing that no matter what size your company is, the significant risk remains. It is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. What steps is your business taking to ensure your data is secure? There are plenty of options to keep cyber-savvy, including MFA (multi-factor authentication), password safety measures or outsourcing your cyber-security to a trusted IT partner.


If you already have some cyber-security solutions in place, or if it is a new IT investment for your company, we can help. We have an experienced team who will be able to advise you on the best solutions to keep your business safe and your data secure. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today on


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