Innovative Network Solutions to enhance your business

Tailor Made offers a secure, private IP network that enables fast and reliable communications between multiple offices.

Our connectivity infrastructure will optimise your business now and set you on a path to ensure your future requirements are also met.

Heightened flexibility and scalability for your network

Faster connection speeds than using a VPN

No need for expensive routers and configuration

Greater security for your critical applications

What are our Network Solutions?

There are two different types of network solutions available. Both options are provided with full technical support and industry-leading benefits to your business or organisation.

Network Solutions Features


Our MPLS are fully managed services that offer a private, dedicated, and resilient network connection for UK businesses. Customers benefit from a fast, efficient, and reliable transfer of data, voice, and business-critical applications across a multi-site environment.


Whether you have a public or private cloud network, our managed SD-WAN solutions put you in control of your business’ connectivity. Suppose your business network requires heightened flexibility and scalability but you still need to move data quickly and efficiently between sites. In that case, a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a flexible alternative to our traditional solutions.

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