Managed Cyber Security

CyberENTERPRISE gives businesses a holistic and fully featured protection against many types of Cybercrime.
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Why choose CyberENTERPRISE?

We leverage intelligent behaviour analytics, next-generation security monitoring, and external vulnerability scanning to protect your organisation from cyber threats, both inside and outside the IT estate. Our fully managed service works in harmony with your existing infrastructure to deliver unparalleled visibility across all environments, whether it is on-premises or in the cloud.

* We also deliver training on modules such as good password hygiene, Password Managers, Data Privacy and Data Protection, and use of public Wi-Fi and Social Media.

Next-Generation Antivirus & EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
Web filtering
Dark Web scanning for compromised corporate assets
Email filtering with automated learning technology
Phishing awareness assessments
External Vulnerability Assessments
Patch Management for internal IT infrastructure
Advanced security monitoring (SIEM)
CyberScan (internal and external vulnerability assessments)OptionalOptionalOptional
Third party patchingOptionalOptional
UEBA (advanced behavioural analytics)Optional