Data Backup & DR

TMT provides a variety of secure backup and disaster recovery solutions that operate periodically to ensure all data, especially critical and sensitive data, is backed up or readily available in the event of having no access to your primary infrastructure.

A variety of both physical devices and application data can be backed up, including all endpoint devices and servers. TMT operates a robust process to check that all backups have been completed successfully without corruption and that data can be restored quickly onto various devices. Specialist requirements can be put in place for organisations that require multiple backups.


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    Our entry-level IT support package provides full monitoring and helpdesk support for both desktop and laptop endpoints as well as IT infrastructure equipment, on-site and cloud-based servers, and printers.

    Antivirus cover is included as standard, as is support for core Microsoft and hosting technologies including Citrix and VMware. TMT can also provide support for a select range of business applications in conjunction with the software vendor.

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