itBusinessCare OnSite

Our OnSite package extends the cover provided by the prior itBusinessCare packages to include permanent onsite engineering.

Designed for larger businesses, or those with an extra focus on IT, TMT will place skilled engineering professionals on customer premises as required. Each contract is tailored to the needs of individual clients and may consist of one to 10 professionals onsite. The team continues to have full access to the TMT helpdesk, escalation services, and third-line expertise included within the core itBusinessCare solutions.



    You May Be Interested In itBusinessCare Advanced

    Our Advanced package extends the core itBusinessCare proposition to include onsite engineering as standard with the service. Therefore, if a resolution to a problem requires an onsite specialist, they will attend the site rapidly and promptly.

    As with all TMT IT support packages, service issues or change requests can be made either via phone, email, or via the dedicated TMT support portal. Out of hours cover is also available as an additional option.

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